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Weekly Love List – 20.01


Another week over. Where is the time going? After a week full of hard work (and of course some play) I’m ready for two days off to relax and have some fun.

Here are this weeks highlights.

Cosy nights in


With the wait until pay day slowly creeping into sight and the nights continuing to be as freezing as ever, nights in with friends are my new go-to. There’s nothing that some warm food, blankets and rum can’t do to ensure you enjoy your evening discussing life’s big (and small problems) with great company.

Primark Candle Collection


Living in a little flat in London, I’m always looking for cheap and cheerful ways to make my place feel more homely and after a long day at work, candles are the perfect way to help you relax and wind down. My mum bought me a few candles from Primark for Christmas which not only smell delicious but last for hours and look great alongside all my other little trinkets.

Frozen Yogurt Lollies


In a month where everyone is trying to stay healthy frozen yogurt lollies have been my post-dinner saviour. I recently picked up some Mixed Berry, Tropical and Strawberry flavour lollies from Yoo Moo and can’t get enough of them!  They’re super creamy and keep me from raiding the remains of my Christmas biscuits.

Love, Emma


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