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Weekly Love List 03.02


It’s February! This week was jam-packed with activity (hello payday) with both friends and family and the one key message I’ve taken away from this week is that I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people.

Here are this week’s highlights:

Watching Liverpool live


On Friday night my Dad and I set off on a Daddy, Daughter date to Liverpool. After years of begging (some joking, some serious) I was finally allowed to join my Dad to watch a home football match live on the Saturday and I absolutely loved it. It was freezing cold, we lost and the performance was poor, but I couldn’t have cared less. I loved the passionate atmosphere, the view from the seats and most importantly the one on one company. When’s my next invite Dad?

Manchester by the Sea


WHAT.A.FILM. On Sunday I went on a cinema date with my Mum to watch the movie. While I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the storyline, it’s safe to say that the trailer doesn’t do the movie justice at all. Everything about the movie felt genuine and it’s rare that I so deeply feel the pain of a character the way that I did when watching Casey Affleck. A definitely must-see!

Philippines here I come!


With my annual leave approved the countdown is finally on for me to jet off to the Philippines in April! I can’t wait to join my sister there for two weeks and surround myself with blue seas, sunshine and long days discovering the islands. If anyone has any travel tips be sure to let me know! I’m ready to release my inner explorer.

Love, Emma


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